Iefimova Viktoriia Leonidivna

postbox 109, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04071
phone: +38 (093) 488 34 08

Appraiser of intellectual property rights, economist, legal counsel

Viktoriia has experience in developing business plans on Intellectual Property objects use, giving advice on financial and fiscal issues, appraising property rights of intellectual property objects and calculating royalties. She is also an expert in calculating losses, lost opportunities and compensations for presentation of such in court in purpose of receiving recovery from the guilty party.


Valuer’s Qualification Certificate (Integral Property Complex) No.638, dated 25 February 2012; Registration Certificate No. 9574, dated 27 December 2012 and issued by the State Register of Valuers; Valuer's Certificate No. 481/16, dated 29 June 2016 and issued by the State Property Fund of Ukraine

Member of the Valuation Experts Association, an All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organisation


Master`s Diploma with honours М15 № 049319, dated 26 June 2015, of National University «Odessa Law Academy» degree in «Intellectual property»

Specialist`s Diploma АР № 30323620, dated 30 June 2006, of Private higher educational institution «Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies» degree in «Intellectual property» degree in «Management of organizations»



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Зміни в ТЦУ 2017

На початку 2017 року вступила в силу низка істотних змін до Податкового кодексу України. ...


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Лекція МІБ

21 червня Вікторія Єфімова виступила з лекцією в Міжнародному інституті бізнесу. ...


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